Saturday, February 20, 2010

Trendir Home Colours-interior design

Trendir Home ColoursTrendir Home Colours

What makes the interesting impression of the interior design at the top is the fantastic Flower Power Glass tiles are from SICIS. Colors that stand out in floral designs suitable for you who crave the luxury impression in your home. The larger-than-life floral pattern will whisk you away you to another place - let the vibrant patterns surround you and appreciate the richness of the colors! A whole wall can become a work of art, with a floor to ceiling pattern of flowers. Or, you can use the tiles to highlight certain areas such as the fireplace, sink or shower. That is some word from the origin site. Another case with interior design below, which led to full color impression. (via)

Best Trendir Home Colours
Interior design Trendir HOME Colours

House Main Entrance

House Main EntranceHouse Main Entrance HALL

Main House Entrance hall design was created by carol-anne-dolls. This picture we found on a website that is written carol-anne-dolls. We thought that it was the names of participating designers contribute in the designing of this website. Design above entitled "My Georgian Dolls House - Main Entrance Hall". The picture above is often used in the designs of luxury homes. Gold color will often appear and antique impression was not left behind. (via)

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