Friday, December 4, 2009

Gang Locks - Cupboard design ideas

There is two model of Gang Locks.

Gang Locks - futniture home design Front Mounted Gang Locks

Front Mounted Gang Locks are designed to lock a drawer with a key. Minimal machinery needed to mount the lock and lockbar. Another advantage of gang lock front mount is:

  • The key can mount the drawer face, or keep track
  • Fits in 1 / 2 "drawer slide permission
  • Adjustable drawer pin and ease of installation clips
  • Full 1 / 2 "throw lockbar
  • Fit the case of all types of construction, including 32mm hole pattern
  • Mounts in 3 / 4 "material

Gang Locks-Cupboard design ideasSide Mounted Gang Locks

Side Mounted Gang Locks to lock two or more drawers offers all the features needed in a gang lock side mount. When only two require locking drawers, providing easy and inexpensive solution to lock the gang. Benefits and features of this system are:

  • Lock mount in 3 / 4 "material
  • Fits in 1 / 2 "drawer slide permission
  • Minimum required engine
  • All components installed easily
  • Full 1 / 2 "from lockbar & deadbolt throw

Thursday, December 3, 2009

MOSS Garden Indoor - Home Gardening

MOSS Garden Indoor - Home GardeningMoss gardening in the room was a bit hard to do. But with such exercises, you can use almost all water-tight vase, pot or tray for the moss garden. But to create an indoor garden Moss as the image takes a little practice it hard and patience. Short, wide glass vase is a personal favorite and allows you to view all your garden moss layer. Other options include pot (without drain hole) and the ceramic pot tray.