Sunday, February 21, 2010

Couches For Narrow Rooms

Couches For Narrow RoomsCouches For Narrow Rooms Plan

The interior decor of the room above the design done by Jackson West. He chose previously couch on the first picture then redecorated it becomes second picture. He is a Reveal Estate Home Staging - Vancouver. There are many more some of the designs he made to outsmart the small room. But this time we provide a decoration for the sofa in the narrow room and the selection of the right sofa for the room did not seem crowded.(via)


Jackson West said...

Thank you for featuring this living room in your blog.

To clarify, this is not actually my work but rather the work of my students. If you wish to see my portfilio or learn more about home staging training I invite you to check out my company website at

Kind regards,

Jackson West

Rupinder said...

When it comes to real estate there are many bargains out there and if you are a home buyer this is your time to shine.

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