Monday, February 1, 2010

cool bathtubs-bathrooms design Ideas

cool bathtubs-bathrooms design Ideascool bathtubs

Many people who enjoy soaking in hot water at the end of a long day. They feel very relaxed, and this is one place in the house that sometimes they do not have such a high-tech device where people can be very quiet. Unfortunately, most of the bath is not really the most comfortable to lie down in a long time. But if you look cool bath on this one, would you be interested.(via)

cool bathtubsCool bathtubs from Tetsuya

Did you ever see the cool bathtubs like the picture above? cool bathtubs made by artist Tetsuya Nakamura sold for $ 26,000 range. Figure polished artistic bind this cool bathtubs. strong impression and gently mixed into one, we believe you will be very relaxed if lama2 soak in it in the morning to collect the spirit of the morning.

cool bathtubs-bathrooms design Ideas-interior designnatural Tetsuya cool bathtubs

bathrooms design Ideassimple cool bathtubs


Sophie Heinicke said...

Oh.. Love those Tetsuya simple bath tubs! Can you even imagine sinking below a small hole filled with water at the same level of the floor? Well, I can imagine that, and it makes my adrenaline rush! LOL!

Sophie Heinicke

Gabrielle Jeromy said...

This is what you call couture bathtubs! Bath time will be much more relaxing with these one of a kind tubs. You can definitely turn your bathroom into a spa when you get one of these. Well, who wouldn't love a Zen area in your own house? :)

-Gabrielle Jeromy

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