Saturday, October 31, 2009

PLASTER of Paris "furniture design ideas"

Circle plaster Lighting wall
Circle plaster Lighting wall

The low Budget plaster of ParisThe low Budget plaster of Paris

Plaster Lighting design on the roof
Plaster Lighting design on the roof

The house was built on 250 square meters area, but the closed areas, according to HUDA bylaws, only 70 percent. While the ground floor has a living room and dining room, master bedroom, child's room, kitchen and a store, first floor has two bedrooms and a balcony. Thus the size of the rooms have not compensated. As one entered the house, one really drawn in by the interior taste. Plaster of paris work on the ceiling and inheritance finish (plain walls, a darker shade of paint used to make flakes) on the walls adds a touch of gloss and bring pressure on the wall.

Marble tile floors sparkle, and the paint used on walls and ceilings are of the family-white and cream Crème. Because natural light is a short supply, artificial lighting, carefully selected crystal lamp shades, used throughout the house. Balance has been made in space-cum-dining room has a heritage wall with plaster of paris mosaic design on one side, and a ceramics painting on the wall. Brown rug, while the cream-colored curtains - which made a humble appeal to the room.


Jeff Spires said...

The design is very fantastic. I want to buy these items from some cheap furniture stores. Who can find cheap furniture stores ?

orang pinter said...

thanks for you comment Jeff, I will find for you, read my artycle, wait I post about it...

handcrafted furniture said...

I am seeing a lot of roofs being decorated...and they are able to create a new look for the room.I like the plaster of Paris additions here too.

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